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A335 P15

Alloy steel A335 P15 pipes are IBR test certified pipes which are used in various industries. They have huge specification which varies according to their sizes as their size varies from 15 to 300 NB but they are also come under seamless pipes. If we are going to consider their size which indicates that they have single, double and cut in length nature. These pipes have some other value added services such as annealed, bending, machining and much more. They also passed through various test certifications including all national and international quality assurance test certifications.


Alloy steel A335 P15 pipes have various forms such as square, round, hydraulic, rectangular, etc. while they have smooth end points like beveled and plain ends with threaded end points. Basically, they are carbon steel alloy which work under high temperature.

Such pipes are widely used in large number of mechanical works including manufacturing of pipes, fittings, flanges, bolts, nuts and valves and many other applications. These pipes have one wonderful feature is that they can easily handle high temperature and pressure in an easy manner. Alloy steel A335 P22 pipes have wide applications in transportation industry.

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