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A335 P24

Alloy steel A335 P24 pipes are made up of the lower composition of carbon. Actually, in these pipes are made up of the alloy of carbon. Mainly used in self-quench, welding acquires for making the material hard and residual stress this is not directly put into service which satisfies all the critical demands. This grade of pipes is used to preheat at the temperature in the process of welding. Basically, there are seamless pipes of carbon.

The sizes of these pipes are varying from 15 to 300 NB. They are also passed through various quality assurance certifications such as IBR test, third party inspection, laboratory test certifications, the entire national and international level quality assurance tests and many more. They also available in various size and shapes like square, round, hydraulic, rectangular, etc.

 Alloy steel A335 P24 pipes are rich in value added services such as bending, welding, and annealed, many more. These pipes are easily tolerating high temperature. They are mainly used in post-welding heat treatment. For this type of work, they require 120 degree Celsius. The sizes of these pipes are varying from 0.5 inches to 60 inches.

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