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A387 Gr 2

In last few years, Alloy Steel A387 Gr 2 Plates have gained vast compliments for their best features. These alloyed steel plates keep relations to the whole family of alloy and this is high corrosion resistance. These are really high austenitic alloyed stainless steel that mixes the high quantity of nickel and other great elements. These are designed in accordance with the overview of national or international standards and quality. The specifications of each grade alloyed steel plates are not same means the sizes, thickness, width and dimensions all are different. They are not given similar specifications as to meet the particular demand and needs of customers.


The width and thickness of these plates are from 4.0 mm to 100 mm and are available in different types like welded and else. Also, they are divided into different hardness such as soft hard, quarter hard, spring hard, half hard, and normal hard and many others. While manufacturing these plates are kept in different conditions such as cold rolled, hot rolled and met with plastic coated. Also, they are packed safely in the wooden boxes so that they may not get damaged, till the ultimate production.

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