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AISI 4140

Alloy steel AISI 4140 Bars are one of the most versatile steels on the market today. This unique alloy comprises iron, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, and sulfur. These components combine to create a solid and hard metal that is both durable and malleable. Its numerous advantages, such as strength even at high temperatures and resistance to abrasion and wear, are ideal for creating parts in the automotive, construction, railroad, and machine tool industries. Its properties also make it suitable for other heavy-duty applications, like turbine blades and engine blocks in aerospace applications or petrochemical processing.

4140 Alloy Steel AISI Bars are used in many industries and applications because of their tremendous strength, durability, and easy manufacturing. Coming in round, sectional, or custom-shaped bars, these pieces of steel are used to create highly-resistant parts, including shafts, axles, gears, and more. These bars also have excellent machinability properties, making them some of the most sought-after materials for shipbuilding and aerospace production. Price ranges for Alloy 4140 steel price per kg 60 to 100 Rs. Alloy Steel Aisi 4140 Bars can even be annealed to reach higher strength levels without compromising flexibility. Their versatility makes them a perfect addition to any engineering project.

FAQ's for Alloy Steel AISI 4140 Bars

Price is based on various factors, in general, it starts from INR 60/Kg to INR 100/Kg.

Alloy Steel AISI 4140 has a hardness ranging from 36 to 39 HRC (Rockwell Hardness Scale).

Alloy Steel AISI 4140 bars are generally used for fabricating parts such as gears, shafts, axles, and connecting rods.

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