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AISI 4145

Alloy Steel AISI 4145 Bars are a product of molybdenum, chromium, and manganese with carbon. This combination creates alloy steel that can withstand heat better than traditional steel and is used in various applications across multiple industries. The bars have excellent abrasion resistance, making them ideal for use with abrasive materials. They are also perfect tools for cutting due to their high-strength properties. In addition to hardened chromium and molybdenum, AISI 4145 Bars contain sulfur and phosphorus, which helps increase its strength even further. This makes this type of alloy steel bar an ideal choice for products where additional power is required, and an increased hardness without sacrificing toughness and flexibility would be beneficial.

4145 Alloy Steel Aisi Bars are potent and durable, making them an ideal material for various applications in various industries. Due to their unique properties, which combine strength with excellent flexibility and hardenability, they can be used for components such as shafts, axles, and gears that must withstand great mechanical stress. The alloy's uniform material composition helps result in reliable fatigue performance across various temperatures, while low carbon content increases its resistance to corrosion, scratch, and dust abrasion. These bars often find use in aerospace, oil and gas production, automation systems, and heavy equipment manufacturing. Alloy Steel Aisi 4145 bars are heat-treatable steels designed to develop high hardness, superior wear resistance, and excessive core strength perfect for meeting significant load requirements – making it a versatile product for many industrial needs.

FAQ's for Alloy Steel AISI 4145 Bars

Yes, Alloy Steel Aisi 4145 Bars are heat treatable even though they are usually supplied in the annealed condition.

The tensile strength of Alloy Steel Aisi 4145 Bars is 830MPa (120 ksi).

Yes, Alloy Steel Aisi 4145 Bars are highly corrosion-resistant because of their higher Chromium and Nickel content, making them a popular choice for applications requiring resistance against corrosive agents.

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