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The Alloy Steel F11 Flanges are highly resisting flanges that are used for applications acidic environments. They are highly resistant to corrosion. They have to ability to resist corrosion even at elevated temperatures. The Alloy F11 Flanges are manufactured using high chromium and molybdenum content, which helps these flanges to have higher strength and toughness. The Alloy F11 Flanges are also resistant to sulfuric acid and chloride stress corrosion cracking. They also offer high resistivity against oxidation, even at elevated temperatures. The Alloy F11 Flanges have high formability, making them easy to be manufactured into different types of flange faces. These flanges are designed for applications in environments where resistivity against high pressure and high stress is required.


The Alloy F11 Flanges show a high tensile strength of 415MPa. They also show a high yield strength of 205MPa. They also contain additions of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus, making them ideal for applications in elevated temperatures and acidic environments. The Applications of the Alloy F11 Flanges are found in a wide array of industrial sectors. They are used for application in industries for the manufacturing of Heat exchangers, Condensers, and Evaporators. They are also used by Pharmaceutical industries. The Alloy F11 flanges are also used in agricultural machinery and production equipment.

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