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Alloy Steel F12 Flanges is the part of Stainless Steel forged flanges. These flanges are available in many dimensions, grades, specification and thickness as per the requirement.


Alloy Steel F12 flanges are used in many industries like the oil industry,  gas industry, power generations, liquid transportations, pulp and paper manufacturing, textiles and others.


Alloy Steel F12 Flange is made with the use of highly advanced machinery installation. These flanges are utilized for heat coupling of pipes. Also, some companies are selling these flanges according to the determinations of their customers.

Alloy Steel F12 Flanges are providing strict quality and high-temperature strength. Its price is reasonable.


It is made up of 24% Chromium and can be used at temperature 1100 degree C. It is mainly used for wind exposure, industrial pollution, and elevated temperature. Its main cause is saltwater pollution. Flanges are marked with grade, lot no, size, degree, and trademark. 


These flanges are coming in many shapes which are face blind flanges, alloy lap joint flanges, alloy steel slips, plate flanges, raised flanges weld flanges, raised face neck flanges, pipe flanges and so on.

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