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A forged fitting alloy is very popular among people. It is used to join or combine forged. There are so many kinds of fittings are available but alloy steel F2 forged fittings have unlimited features. If you use it then you can get lots of benefits. These fittings have best mechanical and chemical properties. If you use it then you don’t have to face any problems. The important thing about these fittings is that it is corrosion resistance. You can use it anywhere such as in water, humidity, moisture and much more. Some fittings have rusting property so you are unable to use it in water, moisture, and humidity.


Following are the specifications of Alloy Steel F2 Forged Fittings


These fittings have so many dimensions such as ASME, MSS SP, BS and much more. The specification of these fittings is reducing tees, special length couplings, multiple end configurations, IBR fittings and much more. The specifications also decide according to your drawing. The material of these fittings has test certificates such as IBR test certificate, under third party inspection, manufacturer test certificate and much more.

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