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The Alloy Steel F22 Flanges are low chromium-containing flanges that are widely used in the Oil industries. These flanges contain only about 2.25% of chromium nominally. The Alloy Steel F22 Flanges get their corrosion resistivity from the medium molybdenum content which they contain. The offer good resistivity against chloride environments. They offer high oxidation resistance up to temperatures of 870°C in intermittent service and up to the temperature of 925°C in continuous service. The Alloy Steel F22 flanges are generally not recommended for applications where continuous exposure of heat is required. These flanges show high levels of strength, even in temperatures above 500°C. These flanges have the ability to resist stress corrosion cracking in chloride environments.


The Alloy Steel F22 Flanges offer good service in environments that have corrosive conditions. They show high resistivity against crevice and pitting corrosion. These flanges also show high immunity to Carbide precipitation. These flanges are used for applications in a wide array of industries. The Alloy Steel F22 Flanges are generally used in Marine industries. They are also used in the Oil and Gas industries and Chemical industries. The Alloy Steel F22 Flanges are also used in Water Supply Systems for various agricultural applications.

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