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Alloy steel F911 Flanges have a chemical B16, chromium, molybdenum and vanadium alloy steel. This means that it is a type of stainless steel with unique properties thanks to the higher content of alloyed elements. It is designed to be particularly resistant to corrosion, including oxidization and elevated temperatures, which makes it incredibly useful in applications such as high-temperature piping, valves and flanges – making F911 Flanges an ideal choice for areas with harsh conditions or used in equipment with high temperatures.

F911 Alloy Steel Flanges are made from iron-based alloys that contain an average of 11.5% chromium, 1.15% molybdenum, 0.15% vanadium, and 8.45% nickel. The chemical B16 is the officially recognized name for standard stainless steel grades used in bolt, nut and other industrial applications such as alloy steel flanges. It consists of three types: austenitic (300 series), ferritic (400 series) and martensitic (500 series). Each class has specific heat resistivity, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, making Alloy Steel Flanges F911 an excellent choice for water, oil and gas piping systems because it provides increased strength at high temperatures and better corrosion resistance compared to regular carbon steel flanges.

FAQ's for Alloy Steel F911 Flanges

Alloy Steel F911 Flanges Starts At Rs 150/Piece To Rs 200/Piece

F911 flanges are commonly used in heavy industrial applications such as oil and gas pipelines, high-pressure systems, chemical plants, refineries, and power plants. They are also ideal for connecting pipes that require larger diameters since they can be formed into any size flange needed.

An F911 flange will usually feature markings on it reading "F911" or "ASTM A182 Grade F11". Additionally, it can also be identified by its yellow chromate coating which protects against corrosion from extreme temperature environments or harsh chemicals.

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