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alloy steel a387 gr 11 sheet

Alloy Steel  Gr 11 Sheet is a heat-resistant chrome molybdenum steel used in various industries and applications. It has high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and good oxidation resistance. Composition: wise it contains chromium (0.5-0.8%), molybdenum (0.4-0.65%), manganese (up to 0.45%max.), silicon (up to 0.40% max), phosphorus( up to 0.035% max), sulfur( up to 0 .04 %max) and carbon( up to 0 .15%) respectively with other trace elements like Nickel, Phosphate etc as per ASTM standards/specifications of the sheet material obtained from different manufacturers or suppliers on availability basis..


Alloy Steel Gr 11 Sheet is a low alloy steel typically used for pressure vessels and boilers in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. It has higher levels of chromium for improved corrosion resistance and molybdenum, increasing its heat-resistant properties. This type of steel also provides excellent formability and weldability with good elevated temperature properties.

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