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Gr 2

The Alloy steel Gr 2 Bolts are used in highly commercial complexes due to their durability and strength.  These alloy steel bolts are used in the high stress application areas and places like bridges, tresses, cranes and various such applications.   The alloy steel is generally manufactures in three grades and Gr- 2 is the lowest of all. The different grades define different chemical and mechanical compositions of these bolts and are used in different types of applications as well. The Gr 2 bolts are designed in such a manner so that they can pass all the tests and comply with the SAE standards.


The compliance to standard of these bolts is a proof of their tensile strength, yield capacity, surface roughness, elongation etc. The Gr 2 alloy steel bolts are manufactured from low to medium carbon steel and are available in different types.  Some of the types in which these bolts are available are: alloy steel hex head bolt, alloy steel square bolt, steel U bolt, T bolt, eye bolt, j bolts, steel lag bolt, and counter sunk bolt and so on.

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