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Alloy Steel Gr 2 Bolts are composed of various chemical elements designed to give the bolt extraordinary strength and toughness. The primary ingredients in Alloy Steel Gr 2 include chromium, manganese , molybdenum, vanadium, silicon, and nickel. This combination benefits from its excellent resistance to wear and tear, even in harsh climates or environments. In addition, Alloy Steel provides excellent weldability and ductility so that bolts can be easily created with almost any shape. These unique characteristics make Alloy Steel Grade 2 Bolts the ideal choice for many professional applications that require durability and corrosion resistance.

AS Gr 2 Bolts are solid, reliable fasteners that provide secure connections between components and parts. Their heat-treated construction makes them appropriate for harsh industrial applications since their strength is due to their resistance to corrosion and excessive temperatures. They feature pronged ends, allowing easy fastening into a tapped hole and more fantastic grip and torque on bolts once tightened. Additionally, these bolts feature telescopic sleeves that keep the element from loosening over time due to vibration or other external influences. With their high-strength material properties, Alloy Steel Gr 2 Bolts are an ideal option for demanding projects like power plants, pump repairs, nuclear waste containers, and bridges, among others.

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