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Alloy Steel Gr 2 Nuts are made chiefly of iron but contain carbon and Manganese elements. This combination of aspects makes this type of nut particularly strong, heat resistant, and durable over a long period. The alloy steels also contain trace amounts of Chromium, Silicon, and other metals, improving the overall strength. They show excellent mechanical properties when exposed to elevated temperatures and can be used for many applications under both static loads and cyclic conditions. These nuts provide greater strength, wear resistance, fatigue strength, improved weldability, corrosion, and erosive wear resistance compared to plain carbon steels.

Gr 2 Alloy Steel Nuts are widely recognized as a better-suited alternative to carbon steel fasteners. Its superior corrosion resistance and tendency not to seize, gall, or rust help it become an ideal choice in applications that must withstand harsh environments. Alloy Steel Gr 2 Nuts further add strength and durability to these components due to its composition of alloying elements like chromium, molybdenum, and nickel, which boost tensile strength, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, and high-temperature performance capabilities. Overall, Alloy Steel Gr 2 Nuts enhance the efficiency of assembly operations through its improved toughness compared to carbon steel nuts, only offering maximum performance under extreme operating conditions.

FAQ's for Alloy Steel Gr 2 Nuts

The Price Range For Alloy Steel Gr 2 Nuts Products Is ₹25 To ₹30 Per Piece.

The sizes of Alloy Steel Gr 2 Nuts available range from M4 to M100.

Typically, the life expectancy of Alloy Steel Gr 2 Nuts is between two and three times the life of a comparable Grade 8 nut. However, this may vary depending on specific applications and environmental conditions.

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