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Do you know what Alloy steel gr 2 studs bolts are? If you want to know about it then please read this article properly! Alloy steel gr 2 stud bolts are a kind of carbon steel alloy which is furnished in a normalized condition. These stud bolts show good hardness, tensile strength, and corrosion resistance features. All these features make it one of the most used stud bolts. They are highly used in the industrial application like the petrochemical industry, thermal power plants, and sewage treatment plants and so on.


The thickness and diameter of these stud bolts vary according to the need of the customers and they are produced in length varying from 3mm to 6mm. these stud bolts are produced as per DIN, BS, and ASTM or other international standards. The forms in which the bolts are available are hex bolts, u bolts, lag bolts, eye bolts, etc. While manufacturing, the tests conducted on stud bolts are- hardness test, flattening test and the chemical analysis.


So, do you understand what Alloy steel gr 2 stud bolts are? If yes, then make use of these bolts in your industry!

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