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Gr 2H

Alloy Steel Gr 2H Bolts are a commonly used fastener due to their high strength and easy installation. Each bolt comprises various metals, including carbon steel, manganese, phosphorus, nickel, and chromium, which all work together to increase the alloy's durability and tensile strength. The material also has exceptional fatigue resistance, ensuring it can be used in a range of environments over a long period. Additionally, alloy steel bolts can include various other elements depending on the application they are being used for, making them one of the most versatile fastening solutions available.

AS Grade 2H Bolts are designed and crafted to be an excellent choice for structural connections where maximum strength is required. These bolts are commonly used in pressure vessel applications, industrial machinery, bridges, process piping, and offshore equipment. This type of bolt can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius, making it more heat-resistant than many other grade bolts. Additionally, Alloy Steel Grade 2H Bolts feature more excellent resistance to corrosive materials due to the presence of manganese and chromium in their composition. This makes them the perfect choice for harsh or saline environments that significantly erode or damage other bolts.

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