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Gr 2H

Alloy steel Gr 2H stud bolts are stud bolts which are great in demand. These bolts are manufactured following the ASME/ ASTM A/SA 193/194. It is threaded as per NSW, UNF, UNC, and, METRIC. When you go to an online shop to buy these bolts then you can find it in several shapes and forms. Some common forms in which they are available are anchor fasteners, eye bolts; round or square bolts and so on.  The fasteners are given zinc, cadmium, and other coatings so as to protect it from scratches and damages.


These bolts are resistant to corrosion and are best for use in the industries where there is a harsh condition. It can withstand harsh environmental conditions and so they are preferred largely by the customers. These stud bolts are packed in small boxes, pallets and cantons while delivery so as to ensure quality as well as safety. 


Some of the common features of these Alloy steel Gr 2H stud bolts are that they are durable, have the high tensile strength and they are used in various industrial applications like shipbuilding, oil & gas and engineering.

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