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Gr 2HM

Alloy steel Gr.2HM stud bolts come in different standards such as ASTM A194. This standard defines the international body that specifies the chemical components, hardness requirements, proof load and other marking for the bolts. For example, the ASTM A-194 GRADE 2HM has different chemical components such as chromium, nickel, and tin, carbon, phosphorous and other in defined percentage. The main material is carbon.  This specification also covers the size range, tensile strength intended for the bolts to be used at high temperature or high pressure conditions.  The size of the bolts can be customized if the buyer demands for it according to its need or project.


The manufacture of Alloy steel Gr.2HM stud bolts has to follow these standards to sell its product to different customers. If the specifications do not match then the product will be of no use and it will go waste. Therefore, all the necessary standards and specifications should be kept in mind of the manufacturer.  Since these Alloy steel Gr.2HM stud bolts are available to be sold online thus the extra the buyers who make order through e-procurement should take care.  

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