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Gr 2HM

No doubt the latest technology has helped the producers of the washer a lot in producing the high quality of washer that can be used in numerous critical applications. With the regular and thorough inspection of every stage of the production process under expert’s guidance, the high quality of washers has been produced. It is produced in compliance with international specifications and tight tolerance is available upon the request of buyers.  Alloy steel Gr 2HM washer is having some of the awesome features value-added services, low maintenance cost, rustproof, weather resistance, electropolish, excellent performance, resistance to corrosion, etc.


The specification of Alloy steel Gr 2HM washer ASME SA 194 and ASTM A 194. The standard specification of it is ASTM, BS, IS and all international standards. In length is 3mm to 200mm. In size, it is available from M3 to M56 and custom size. It is available in various types like the flat washer, machine washer, split washer, lock washer, slot washer. To assure safety in the delivery of these washers, it is packed using various techniques. They are packed using shrink-wrapped, wooden boxes, wooden crates, and carton boxes. Just buy it at affordable prices.

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