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Gr 2HM

Alloy Steel Gr 2Hm Washer has an impressive chemical composition combining various natural elements. Its primary materials include iron, carbon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorous, and silicon. For further strength and resistance to corrosive elements such as rain or seawater, the alloy comprises specialized zinc, chromium, and nickel with a small additional presence of molybdenum and aluminum. The resulting product is both challenging and malleable, which makes it an ideal choice for construction projects that require a firm but malleable metal option for fasteners such as washers.

Gr 2Hm Alloy Steel Washer is a high-performance product manufactured to meet specific requirements. Its strength and dimensionally accurate design are suitable for various industrial applications. It comes with superior corrosion resistance and tensile strength reaching up to 725MPa. It has excellent fatigue resistance and toughness, enabling it to withstand any harsh environment or pressure. Whether specific construction project needs or highly demanding worksites requiring a full steel washer, Aluminum Steel Gr 2Hm Washers offer superior performance at all times. These specialized washers also feature an aesthetically pleasing finish, making them suitable for decorative purposes.

FAQ's for Alloy Steel Gr 2HM Washer

Alloy Steel Gr 2Hm Washer Starts At Rs 11/Piece To Rs 15/Piece.

The recommended torque setting for Alloy Steel Gr 2Hm Washers varies by size and application. Make sure to consult applicable specifications to determine the appropriate torque setting for your application.

No, Alloy Steel Gr 2Hm Washer is not magnetic. It is a non-magnetic steel alloy.

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