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Gr 6

There is various reputed and leading manufacturer available out there worldwide offering buyer’s best quality of alloy steel Gr 6 fasteners. These fasteners are known best and popular because of the exceptional features and properties. These alloy steel products are provided to customers in varied shapes and sizes and along with uninterrupted construction finishing. They are perfectly designed and manufactured using the best quality of raw material that is inspected and tested by quality experts and inspection agencies. Furthermore, you can get these fasteners in different sizes and specifications and can easily be used in industries like chemical industry, oil industry, boiler machinery and electric power.


These alloy steel Gr 6 fasteners are equipped with several features like sturdy construction, long functional life, optimum performance and many more. These fasteners are accessible by various customers in different diameters and sizes. They are manufactured in accordance with DIN, ASTM, BS and ASME standard and available in a size that varies from 2m to 33m and length up to 3 meters. Moreover, they are available in different types such as sockets, bolts, screw, nuts etc.

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