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Gr 6

Stud bolts are threaded bolts that consist of two heavy nuts of the hexagonal shape. These bolts are mainly used for connecting flanges. And if you are finding the right quality and grade of stud bolts then buying alloy steel Gr 6 stud bolts is the right option for you. The quality of stud bolts is mainly given with the number of holes made to place the bolts in flanges. These bolts are widely used in industries like petrochemical industry and chemical processing industry. These bolts have excellent features like sturdy construction, long functional life, excellent strength and optimum performance. These stud bolts are manufactured using the best quality of raw material and include specifications like ASTM, ASME A193 and SA 193 as well as DIN, ASTM, BS standards.


The size of these alloy steel Gr 6 stud bolts varies according to hole size available in flanges and as per customers demand & application requirement. These bolts are available in different types such as eye bolts, threaded rods, cotter pin, and nuts. These bolts belong to the fasteners family and often used for connecting two flanges together.

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