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Gr 8.8

Are you in need of Fasteners High Tensile 8.8? If yes, then today choose the reliable supplier who can provide you this grade fastener at best rates. This product is need of many industrial sectors these days because it is highly corrosion resistant and strong. Using the best quality of unrefined materials as well as technology, it is made and that ensures its optimum quality. Also, using the medium carbon steel, it is manufactured nicely and accurately. Furthermore, these high tensile strength fasteners are tempered and quenched. Also, it is supplied to the number of industries because they find usage in the variety of applications.

Fasteners High Tensile 8.8 is generated in a way that they can offer good performance as well as good tensile strength in various environments. It is also offered to the patrons in a wide array of sizes and standards to match their necessities. This is used in engines, processing and motors equipment, railroad equipment and more. Now talk about its size that is from 20 to 100 mm and finishes are hot dip galvanized, plain, zinc plated and more.

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