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Gr B16

Alloy steel Gr B16 fasteners are known to be best alloy steel product that is manufactured using the best quality of raw material. As we all know that alloy steel is considered one of the best steel grades that are widely used for manufacturing industrial applications and equipment. So, if you are using alloy steel fasteners for your industrial application then it is the best decision you have made. These fasteners are known best for their excellent strength, high tensile strength, and durability and corrosion resistance properties. Due to its excellent properties, you can use them in a wide range of applications that need high strength and hardness to withstand in an extreme environment and temperature.


These alloy steel Gr B16 fasteners are available in varied shapes and sizes as per customers demand and requirement from any of the online vendors or manufacturers. The size of these fasteners varies from 3 inches 56 inches and length varies from 3mm to 100mm. These fasteners are even available in different types such as bolts, nuts, stubs, anchor and head bolts. With it, they are well tested and inspected before delivered for further use.

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