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Gr B5

The alloy steel Gr B5 bolts are broadly used in various applications and are nowadays in vast demand. These bolts are made from alloy of steels and are available in various size and shape. You will get to know about it in the paragraph below that what makes them withstand buffed conditions and tough environmental conditions. The notable forms are Hex, round, square and threaded with DIN 933, DIN931 and ANSI standards. They are packaged in pallets of small boxes and cartons so that they do not get damaged while delivering to the customers.


The product holds the manufacturer EN 10204/31 test certificate and for bolts the property class is A2-70, A2-80, F593H and f593g.  They are available in self-color, sherardized, mechanically applied coating, bright bronze, hot dip galvanized as finishing. The hot forging bolt are available in M24 TO M100 size.


The packaging of the alloy steel Gr B5 bolt is done with utmost care so as to protect the bolts form getting damage. The bolt get certificate after it clears the test and treatments such as the annealing and hardening test. So, buy the bolts with appropriate details and desired properties with good tensile strength.

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