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Gr B5

Are you searching for some equipment that you can use to fix the two components together? If yes, then alloy steel Gr B5 fasteners are the right choice available in front of you. Don’t get shocked, because alloy steel fasteners are known best for their exceptional features and advantages that they offer when used in different applications. As we all know that alloy steel is one of the best metals that are used for manufacturing different products and equipment and fasteners are one among those products. With it, the addition of grade B5 makes it stronger and harder to withstand in an extreme environment and temperature easily.


Manufacturers who manufacture these fasteners offer it to their customers in complete range, sizes, and shapes. You can get these alloy steel fasteners in different shapes and sizes as per your requirement. Well, it is important to note that these fasteners are manufactured according to international and national standard including ASTM, ASME, SA 193 and 194 grades. The size of these fasteners varies from ¼ NB to 4 NB and length up to 5 meters. Moreover, these alloy steel Gr B5 fasteners are available in different types like nuts, bolts, anchor etc.

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