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Gr B5

Stud bolts are widely used for flange connections in chemical and petroleum industry. Other type of bolts such as hex bolts is also used in such industries. These are one of the kinds of bolts that are designed to be used in particular application. They are threaded bolts having hexagon shpes. Stud nuts or bolts are not manufactured simply they are designed and manufactured as per the standards set by international body who governs their specifications. These standards define their properties and quality to be fit for an application.  Alloy Steel Gr B5Stud Bolts is one of the examples of stud bolts.


The name defines that the bolt is made of alloy steel where the percentage of different materials such as carbon, phosphorous and other is different from other grade bolts. Alloy Steel Gr B5Stud Bolts also tell about its grade. The grade of the bolt also differs some are grade 1, A and B, 4, 5, 6 and more. The grade of bolts defines the material used in its manufacturing. It also defines the nominal size of the bolt, its yield strength and tensile strength.

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