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Gr B6

Fasteners Alloy Steel Gr B6 is made with high-quality raw materials and some modern machinery under the guidance of qualified and practices professionals. The product is used in various applications like aerospace, waste processing, petrochemical, the defense as well as pharmaceutical sectors. It is available in custom lengths as well as sizes with the manufacturers so that you can buy as per your certain requirements. It often finds its usage in the mentioned above applications because it is highly corrosion resistant and strong as well. Also, after completing its manufacturing process, it sent to be tested in the certified labs to ensure its high-quality.


The product has the ability to overcome extreme weather conditions and also can stay firm under soaring temperature. Now, comes to its size that  is ranging from M02 and goes up to M160 and the length is accessing at 3 mm and ends at 200 mm and extra on special request. Besides this, to shield Fasteners Alloy Steel Gr B6 from rusting and damages while transporting, it is crammed in either small cartons or pallet.

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