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Gr B6

Alloy Steel gr B6 stud bolts are the high alloy steels which are available in 4 group’s i.e. ferritic, austenitic, martensitic as well as precipitation-hardened steel. This grade of the bolt has maximum quantity of chromium as compared to other grades and thus, it has more resistance towards corrosion. This alloy steel bolt offers a feature like the stress corrosion resistance, pitting resistance, crevice corrosion as well as corrosion and high strength.


The specification of these studs’ bolts is as per the ASTM/ ASME F51/F60/F61/ A193. While the standard kept in mind while manufacturing it are ASTM, BS, DIN as well as the other industrial standard. The length in which these bolts are available range from 3mm-200mm while the size of these stud bolts is between M02-M30 and 3/6”-2”. Also, the size can be customized as per the needs of the customers.


The common name of the alloy steel gr B6 stud bolts is B6 washers, B6 nuts, and so on. These stud bolts can be used in the aircraft exhaust manifolds, power generation industry, pharmaceuticals and so on. So, hurry up and purchase them from best retailers.

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