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Gr B6

Alloy Steel Gr B6 Washer has some outstanding features to present such as simple installation, the Low burden of maintenance, resistance to rust and many more qualities of worth. The Carbide forming elements of robust B6 Flat Washers increase the eutectoid temperature. That is why; these are also called as elements of ferrite stabilizing. The lock washers of graded Alloy Steel are manufactured in compliance with a standard predefined quality that is developed from a high-grade cutting material of edge technology. The top manufacturing companies in this industry also present the customization of these graded steel washers as per the requirements mentioned by customers.


The manufacturing procedures of these Washers comprise the development of a mother tube by means of the finest quality of steel. These washers are mostly used in heat exchangers, fuel oil systems, water distribution systems, medical gas systems which are non-flammable, cooling towers and chilled water machines. The top manufacturing firms always follow the standards of international quality which are scrutinized by their quality engineers on a variety of parameters. The Alloy Steel Gr B6 Washer is highly efficient washers that have unaltered workability in harsh conditions of elevated temperature and pressure.

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