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Do you know about alloy steel Gr B7 fasteners? If not, then this article is best as it entails about alloy steel fasteners in detail. But, before that, it is important to know about fasteners first. Well, these are equipment that is used for joining or fixing one component to another component together. These fasteners are often used in a day to day or daily life when we need to fix part of our domestic application with another part of the application. Now, talking about the alloy steel fasteners these are mostly used and recommended because they have high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and a durable factor which makes outstanding among all other fixing equipment.


Alloy steel Gr B7 fasteners are manufactured in accordance with the ASTM A193 and ASME SA 193 specification and include standards like DIN, ASTM, and BS. The length of these fasteners varies from 3mm to 7mm and size varies from 3m to 56m and in custom sizes. These fasteners are available in different shapes and sizes and in different types such as hex head bolts, nuts, anchor, T bolt etc.

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