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Gr B7M

Alloy steel Gr B7M stud bolts are produced from the chromium-molybdenum ferritic alloy. This grade of stud bolt has a typical temperature ranging from minus 29? C to 427? C. These stud bolts are used in various applications because of its wonderful features like resistance to corrosion and high strength. Currently, you can find many manufacturers as well as suppliers of this stud bolt both offline and online.


When you search these stud bolts online you will find that they are available in blackening, plain, Teflon and zinc finishing. The maximum hardness of this grade is 235 Brinell and RC22 while the tensile strength of it is 100,000 PSI or 80,000 PSI. Thus, it is suitable to use these bolts in harsh condition; they do not wear out so easily.


Various standards are followed while manufacturing these bolts and the bolts are made to undergo several tests like the hardness test, PMI test and so on. The batch which passes all these tests is inspected by the third party carefully and then marked as well as packed in a durable material. Mostly the wooden boxes or bubble warps are used to pack it.

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