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Alloy Steel Grade 12 Coil

Alloy Steel Grade 12 Coil is an alloy steel composed of molybdenum, manganese, chromium, and nickel. This alloy provides better tensile strength and hardness for heavy machining operations. It also features great mechanical properties that help resist corrosion in acidic or fresh water environments. Furthermore, the addition of nickel increases its temperature ductility score, making it suitable for electric motor applications.

Alloy Steel Grade 12 Coil is an excellent heat-resistant and wear-resistant material with outstanding corrosion resistance in acidic, alkaline, and even neutral environments. It has many applications, including automotive components such as drive shafts, heavy equipment axles, agricultural machinery parts, frames for construction tools and marine hardware. It is also used for pressure vessel manufacturing due to its high strength and fatigue-resistant properties, makings it ideal for many demanding applications in multiple industries.

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