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Alloy Steel Grade 5

Alloy Steel Grade 5 is a high strength low alloy steel that contains Molybdenum, chromium and Nickel. Its composition includes 0.05% -0.25% Carbon, 0.3%-0.6% Silicon, 1.20%-1.50% Chromium, 0.40%-0.70 Molybdenum, 0-0-9 Nickel and smaller traces of Manganese and Phosphorous to enhance its strength capabilities compared to conventional Steels used for heavy applications such as in pipelines or aerospace engineering structures enabling it to survive extreme temperatures without losing its physical properties while remaining lightweight at the same time making it an ideal choice for any industrial application needing increased mechanical resiliency with lighter weight materials than normal alloy steels can offer when used properly according to structural requirements set out by engineering standards or external regulations imposed on specific industries needing custom alloys for their projects.

Alloy steel Grade 5 Coil combines various alloys designed to improve strength and wear resistance. It offers high fatigue strength coupled with higher yield and tensile strength, also giving increased hardness compared to plain carbon steels. Due to its superior durability, this alloy steel coil is used in many applications, such as tanks, shafts, axles, rotors, fasteners, etc. It also has high corrosion resistance properties, making it suitable for use in marine and other corrosive environments.

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