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Alloy Steel Grade 9 Coil

Alloy Steel Grade 9 Coil is a low-carbon steel alloy used in general construction and engineering. Its high strength-to-weight ratio makes it highly suitable for structural applications. Its composition includes iron (Fe) of up to 98%, chromium (Cr) of up to 1%, manganese (Mn) of up to 0.5%, silicon (Si) of up to 0.4% and molybdenum (Mo), nickel, tungsten, vanadium, phosphorus and sulfur as minor components or impurities. Alloy Steel Grade 9 Coil offers superior corrosion resistance to austenitic stainless steel and retains its strength even at elevated temperatures. It is also resistant to wear and tear due to its low carbon content, which contributes to its excellent machinability properties and overall flexibility.

Alloy Steel Grade 9 Coil is primarily used for high-pressure and high-temperature applications due to its excellent temperature stability, strength, corrosion resistance and flexibility. It also has low magnetic permeability, good weldability, a wide range of thermal expansion coefficients and fatigue strength properties. In addition, Alloy Steel Grade 9 Coil is also great for making components with complex shapes, such as car springs or gears, that require the highest levels of precision.

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