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Alloy Steel Washer

Alloy steel washers are a type of fastener used for many engineering applications. They contain three main components: iron, carbon and chromium. Iron is the base metal in its composition, making up at least 50% of the alloy's makeup by mass. Carbon is also important for creating superior strength, ranging from 0.38 to 1.2%. Last but not least, the addition of chromium increases hardness and formability while simultaneously providing corrosion resistance. Combining these elements makes alloy steel washers resilient and extremely versatile — they represent an economical choice that can perform well in many different scenarios.

Alloy steel washers are invaluable to any construction project and manufacturing process, providing a strong and secure foundation for many components. These structural attachments can increase the strength, water resistance and performance of a wide variety of materials by sharing their load and stress with the steel. Alloy steel washers also display high corrosion resistance due to their protective coating, making them ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions. As a cost-effective solution to many structural issues, alloy steel washers have become a dependable tool for engineers and metalworkers around the world.

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