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Aluminium 1050 Angle

Aluminium 1050 angle comprises a specific type of aluminium alloy composed mainly of 99.5% pure aluminium. It also contains small amounts of iron and silicon, giving it additional strength and durability. Adding these elements makes it easier to form and weld, while its high conductivity makes it suitable for electrical applications. Its resistance to corrosion, heat, and UV radiation makes it an ideal choice for outdoor purposes.

Aluminium 1050 Angle has many uses. It is an excellent electricity conductor and highly corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for electrical parts such as wiring, transmission lines, and motor components. In addition, its lightweight yet strong composition makes it suitable for structural applications such as frames and enclosures. It can also be used to craft cookware due to its good thermal conductivity properties, which help evenly distribute the heat throughout the pan or pot.

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