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Aluminium 1050 Pipes

Aluminium 1050 is one of the most common grades of aluminium pipes. It is commercially pure aluminium with an excellent combination of strength and flexibility. Its composition consists of 99.5% aluminium, 0.4% iron, 0.25% copper, and 0.15-0.40% manganese, which makes it very corrosion-resistant and suitable for welding or brazing with various types of fluxes as well as soldering solutions such as alcohols and organic acids due to its high melting point.


Aluminium 1050 pipes have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making them an ideal choice for applications where lightweight and strong construction are paramount. They possess good formability and weldability properties, making them a popular choice in manufacturing various parts and components, such as airframes, structural frames, truck panels and other automotive components. Furthermore, Aluminium 1050 pipes have high corrosion resistance due to their natural oxidation applied during the production process. This helps protect against corrosion in marine environments or urban settings. All these advantages make Aluminium 1050 pipes a prime choice for various applications from construction to engineering projects.

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