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Aluminium 1050 Sheet

Aluminium 1050 sheet is a commercially pure aluminium steel alloy of 99.5% aluminium. It is among this series's softest and most pliable grades, making it easy to create shapes while having good corrosion resistance. Aluminium 1050 also has excellent weldability and electrical conductivity due to its high aluminium content and low amount of other metals such as iron, silicon, manganese and copper. This makes it ideal for various applications, including heat exchangers, wire products, architectural panels & trims and more!

Aluminium 1050 sheet is an immensely versatile and affordable material, boasting excellent formability, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and strength. It can be used to create various items such as outdoor signs, car bodies, aircraft components or even kitchenware, with its superior malleability over other metals like steel or bronze. Additionally, due to its lightweight properties, it can provide solutions for weight-related problems in transportation industries. This makes the aluminium 1050 sheet an essential part of many day-to-day applications.

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