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Aluminium 1050 Wires

Aluminium 1050 Wires are made up of 99.5% aluminium and 0.5% copper, making them one of the most widely used aluminium grades in the industry today. Its unique combination makes it highly corrosion-resistant, strong, and conductive - perfect for electrical wiring applications. The mechanical properties allow this alloy to be annealed, allowing for greater flexibility that others can’t offer. Aluminium 1050 wires can withstand extreme temperatures without losing their structure or performance and are often found in high-tensile applications like aircraft and marine vessels' electrical wiring systems.

Aluminium 1050 wires are commonly used for electrical wiring, industrial and automotive components, and other hardware products. The alloy has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity with low melting points. It is also corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for external applications. Due to its high tensile strength, aluminium 1050 wires can carry more current than most other metallic alloys. As a result of this property, they are often used in transformers or electric motors where greater power is required.

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