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Aluminium 1060 Forgings

Aluminium 1060 Forgings are malleable metal parts created with a forging process. It comprises over 99 per cent aluminium and less than 1 per cent other elements, most commonly copper and silicon. Its tensile strength ranges from 18 to 25 KSI, while its Brinell hardness score falls between 45 to 70 HBW due to the small amount of trace elements present in the composition. This alloy has excellent cold formability characteristics and welding properties, making it suitable for various applications, from aerospace components to industrial fixtures.


Aluminium 1060 forgings are used in various applications, such as structural components, pipes, and window frames. The main benefits of Aluminum 1060 forgings include high corrosion resistance, low weight and good formability. Its excellent machinability allows it to be easily moulded into complex shapes. It also has good weldability and excellent strength at elevated temperatures, making it ideal for use in various industries such as aerospace, automotive and manufacturing.

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