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Aluminium 1060 Sheet

Aluminium 1060 sheet is a very versatile and cost-effective alloy. It has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, good formability and strength. Its composition comprises 99.6% aluminium and 0.4% other elements such as iron, silicon, copper and manganese. This alloy also offers high resistance to corrosion without any additional treatment or coating, making it ideal for applications in building materials, automobiles, appliances and marine settings.

Aluminium 1060 Sheet is a popular high-grade alloy with excellent corrosion resistance, weldability, and formability. It has low strength but good flexibility and can be easily formed into intricate shapes with excellent finish. This sheet is widely used in aerospace applications due to its lightweight, strength and anti-corrosion properties. Also, it can provide an aesthetically pleasing look when polished or coated for use in consumer products like building components and kitchenware.

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