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Aluminium 1070 Forgings

Aluminium 1070 Forgings are forging products made from alloy 1070, which is aluminium with a minimum content of 99.7%. Its comparatively low strength makes it highly suited for deep drawing and spinning activities because of its flexibility. With Alloy-1070, you get an enhanced mechanical property balance over other forging alloys as well; however, its weldability isn't ideal. Other composition elements present in Aluminium 1070 Forgings include copper (0.12 – 0.25%), iron (0.20 – 0.50%), manganese (0.15–0.40%), zinc (remainder), magnesium (not more than 0.05%) and titanium (<= .500).


Aluminium 1070 Forgings are used in various applications due to their strong and lightweight nature. They have excellent corrosion resistance, good formability and weldability characteristics, and mechanical properties similar to those of steel forgings but at roughly one-third the weight. These properties make them ideal for use in structural components, electric generator frames, motorbike frames, car wheels, shipbuilding components, ship masts and other applications that require lightweight but strong materials.

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