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Aluminium 1070 Wires

Aluminium 1070 Wires are primarily composed of aluminium and copper, with the alloy containing a minimum of 99.7% pure aluminium and up to 0.7% copper by weight. This combination offers excellent electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion or oxidation from various environmental factors, making it perfect for outdoor applications such as antenna wires and lightning protection systems and its wide range of industrial uses.

Aluminium 1070 wires are known for their excellent electrical conductivity and superior malleability properties. They have a high level of corrosion resistance in water and other corrosive environments. Their malleable nature makes them ideal for use in wiring, cabling, motor leads, and transformer winding applications. Additionally, thanks to their thermal stability, they are popularly used for cooking equipment like pans and grilling surfaces, which require efficient heat transfer.

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