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1100 Aluminium pipes are composed of 99.6% aluminium and 0.4% iron. This type of aluminium is a commercially pure grade with excellent formability and corrosion resistance that naturally arises from its composition for high-quality applications such as cryogenic vessels, aerospace components, chemical processing equipment, decorative finishes, and other industrially significant uses. It also boasts good weldability and electric conductivity while being one of the least expensive alloys on the market today. Due to their versatility and affordability, Aluminium 1100 pipes are highly sought after in various industries that require piping and tubing.

Aluminum 1100 pipes are highly versatile, making them suitable for many applications. They offer excellent malleability and corrosion resistance, allowing them to be formed into a variety of shapes and sizes. Because they are lightweight yet strong, they are the ideal choice for projects with stringent weight requirements. Additionally, they have excellent thermal properties, which enable enhanced temperature regulation in appliances and structures. As a result, aluminium 1100 pipes are often used in construction projects and various industrial equipment requiring dependable heat transfer. Other common uses include the fabrication of bicycle frames and automotive components like exhaust systems.

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