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Aluminium 1100 Wires

Aluminium 1100 Wires are mainly used for electrical applications due to their high electrical conductivity, low weight, and corrosion resistance. This alloy is mostly aluminium mixed with small amounts of copper, iron, manganese and silicon. With a tensile strength between 8-28 KSI (the higher, the better), it can be easily formed into shapes or drawn wire for any application, including marine, automotive and many others. Its ability to resist oxidation makes it an excellent choice for outdoor use in any climate. Overall, Aluminium 1100 Wires offers an economical, durable solution - perfect for all applications!

Aluminium 1100 Wires are considered the most versatile of all aluminium alloys, as they're readily weldable and have excellent corrosion resistance properties. Due to their malleability, these wires can be easily formed into shapes for various applications. They are used in various industries, such as electrical wiring, airframes and components in the aviation industry, marine hardware, automotive trim parts, window frames and other architectural uses. Additionally, this aluminium alloy is non-magnetic, so it won't be affected by magnetic fields, which makes it ideal for communication cables & power transformers.

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