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Aluminum 1200 plates are versatile alloys widely used in many industries for various applications. The composition is 98%-99.5% pure aluminum and small amounts of iron, silicon, manganese, copper, zinc, and other elements. This combination makes the alloy solid and hard enough to resist wear and provides excellent flexibility, non-sparking characteristics, and resistance to some corrosive chemicals. Aluminum 1200 is an ideal option for many construction, automotive, and manufacturing projects due to its flexibility and strength. When looking for a suitable material for your next project, consider 1200 aluminum plates for the best results!

Aluminum 1200 Plates are a versatile material, ideal for several potential applications. Known for its high heat- and corrosion resistance, this grade fabricates lightweight structures such as automotive components, storage tanks, and ducting. Its low density and good strength-to-weight ratio mean it can be used to make complex shapes even with thin walls. This versatility also makes Aluminum 1200 Plates an attractive option for kitchen countertops or architectural moldings that require a highly decorative finish. In addition, its nonmagnetic properties give it multiple uses in electrical equipment where nonferromagnetic materials are needed. With its impressive combination of physical and chemical attributes, the Aluminum 1200 Plate is an essential element in many industrial processes.

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