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Aluminium 6061 Sheet

Aluminium 1200 Sheet is a soft, non-heat-treatable aluminium alloy that is very easy to work with. It has excellent corrosion resistance and good weldability. The composition of this alloy consists primarily of aluminium, manganese as the primary alloying agent, and small amounts of iron, silicon and copper. It offers remarkable durability in numerous industrial applications.


Aluminium 1200 Sheet is highly corrosion-resistant and weldable, making it ideal for various applications. It is known for its excellent formability, low strength and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. It is also popularly used in food packaging due to its non-toxicity, durability and lightweight nature. It can be found in radiators, tanks and other components in the automotive industry, as well as outdoor architecture products such as cladding walls and roofs.

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