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Aluminium 19000 Coil

Aluminium Alloy 19000 Coil is a 3000 series alloy of aluminium, magnesium and silicon. It offers superior corrosion resistance, outstanding formability and weldability, and low thermal expansion characteristics. Its composition includes 97.5-98.5% aluminium, 0.7-1.3% manganese, 0.2-0.8% magnesium, less than 0.25 iron and 4p3 silicon with other trace elements in minor amounts. Still, it can vary depending on the milling process used when manufacturing the alloy coil.


Aluminium Alloy 19000 Coil has excellent mechanical properties, such as high strength, good formability and weldability. It is extremely lightweight, corrosion-resistant and has great thermal conductivity. Its low-temperature malleability makes it ideal for use in cryogenic applications. Also, it can be coated with various plastics for added protection against wear and tear from chemical or environmental exposure.

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