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Aluminium 2014 Bars

Aluminium 2014 Bars are made of an aluminium alloy containing at least 5% copper, up to 2.2 % manganese and 0.15-0.65 % silicon and other trace elements that improve the strength properties of the alloy. Combining these elements increases its mechanical strength, making it ideal for many applications, from aircraft components to automotive parts requiring a high load-bearing capacity and excellent machinability.

Aluminium 2014 Bars are a type of Aluminium alloy known for its strength and lightweight. They have excellent machinability properties and can be used in many applications, such as automotive parts, airframes, architectures, etc. Furthermore, these bars offer superior corrosion resistance due to their high content of Chromium and Silicon. As a result, they are widely used across industries where durability is highly valued.

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