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Aluminium 2014 Pipes

The wide range of aluminium pipe is easily available that can be easily used for various kinds of applications.  The aluminium 2014 pipes are relatively soft, highly durable, is malleable metal, lightweight and ductile. The pipes are available at custom built wall thickness, sizes exactly as per the demand of the customers. It is offered at economical rates.  The dimensions of pipes are AMS, ASME, and ASTM. The standard specification of pipes is ASME SB211, AMS 4121 and ASTM B211.

The available size of the pipe is ¼”Dia to 16”Dia. The available forms of pipes are square, round, wire in the bright and black finish, flat and hex. The lengths of pipes are fixed length, random length and cut length. Its finishes are black, bright and polish. To buy it for specific purposes, you can clearly mention the specification, grade and size requirements so that you receive exactly what you want. Aluminium 2014 pipes are nonmagnetic and are not easily getting ignites. It has become ideal for aerospace industry and is important in structures and transportations. It is also high resistive to corrosion and is free of rusts.   

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