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Aluminum 2014 plates are said to be the best precipitation hardening alloy that provides you with the fair corrosion resistance, they provide you with high electrical conductivity and provide you with the best machinability. This is said to be the hardest and strength providing aluminum alloys in the market. These are the plates that are highly being used in manufacturers of aircraft, parts of the truck and some forging applications. These are the plates that are aluminum based on copper being a major element. The element provides you with the great specifications that include ASTM B209, UNS A92014 and many more.


These are the plate that provides you with good stress corrosion cracking resistance. They are corrosion resistant and it also has no Weldability. They provide you with great strength and are made keeping in mind all the standards of industries that of national as well as international standards. Aluminum 2014 plates that provides you with an excellent candidate for most processing techniques, it is said to have highest strength to weight ratio, heat treatable alloys available. They are available to people in customized shape and size to the people.

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